Spotlight on Legacy, C.T.R.L and Populace

And so here are the last three nominees for this years Golden Blasters and with these three, we go from a disturbing tale in Australia to a quirky film about potential love in England to  a dystopia of a future London where love is regulated and controlled.


Director: Josh Mawer
Written by: Josh Mawer & Michael Richardson

Synopsis: To save his father’s brilliant mind a young man is coerced into time sharing his consciousness. With two minds in one body, boundaries and relationships start to blur.

John Vaughan says: The Selection panel was impressed with this dark adult tale that questions not only identity but the love between parents and their children.



United Kingdom
Director:Mariana Conde
Concept by: Stuart Grant

Synopsis: A Man and a Woman walk past each other when they are bought together by forces beyond their control.

John Vaughan Says: Sometimes a film should be not be a sprawling story but just about the moment and the potential within it and C.T.R.L captures that moment.


United Kingdom
Director: Aaron Bevan Bailey
Written by: Dan Horrigan

Synopsis:A clone worker is forced to chose between the woman he loves and the reason for which he was created.

John Vaughan says: Stylish with clever cinematography , a powerful performance by the lead actor Jamie Piggot helps to convince us we are in a world of Clones , all the same yet somehow different.


And there you have it, those are your eleven nominees for this years Golden Blasters. so we will see you at 8pm Friday Night October 9th and remember it’s you the audience who will decide who takes home the prestigious Silver Blaster , so don’t be late and we’ll see you at the movies.