Rules For Entry


Scripts can be up to twenty pages in length (this is a shorts
competition) and must be in the correct format (Courier, font size 12).


Films can be as short as you like, however the ideal maximum running time should be 12 to 18 minutes … this is dedicated to the art of the short … we will look at films that run a minute or two longer than that and will consider them if their quality is high enough. Shorts can be dedicated to horror, science fiction and fantasy, and can be a mixture of live action, animation and music video.

Short Film Exhibition Format
Can be filmed on 35, 16 mm or video but entries must must be on DVD, CD-ROM, or Digital Download the same with exhibition copies. We ask for two copies of any physical media sent.

All packages should be sent by regular post and NOT by courier/registered post

Submissions can be made via